Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Letter to Sibling Who is Studying Abroad about the Riot at Little India (PACC Assignment)

Block 318
Serangoon Ave 3
Singapore 550318
5 January '14
Dear Emma,
    How was school? Been studying a lot of Design and Technology recently? Mom, dad, brother and I misses you so much! Have you heard about the incident that happened in Little India 28 Days ago?
    There was a riot after a driver of a private bus knocked onto an Indian national, Sakthivel Kumaravela, 33, at the junction of Hampshire Road and Race Course Road. About 300 Indian nationals were involved in the riot that lasted for 2 hours.
    I don't understand why must they have a riot just because a man was knocked down. I find it retarded although the man might be a very important person to the dude that started the riot first. 
    I was totally unhappy about the riot because it gave a bad impression of people who lives in Singapore. I hope this incident won't happen again. 
    Come back to Singapore when you are having a holiday!
Much misses, 

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