Sunday, 29 June 2014

Book Review

1. Title of the book and author
2. What is the plot? (Describe the main events.)
3. Did you like the book? Why did you like/dislike it?
4. What was your favourite part and why?
5. If you could change something, what would it be and why?
6. Would you recommend this book? What kind of person would enjoy this book? (E.g. brave people who like horror stories)

  The tittle of the book I read on 29 June 2014 which is the June Holidays which I clearly and honestly do not understand why is there homework on holidays is Drax The Dragon Shows His True Colours. It was written by Christy Lee-O'Loughlin and illustrated by Lee Kow Fong. 
  The book is about a dragon who was born grey while others were born so colourful and beautiful. His mother is purple with white spots, his father is green with yellow scales and his sister is pink with pearly sparkles while he is grey. None of the dragons want to be friends with him because some are scared of him as their grandparents had told them terrifying stories of dragons who are different and some start to call him names when they see him. They kept on teasing him. One day, Drex hides under a big tree while watching the other dragons play. They blew fire-balls. propel fire-rolls, and have fire-fights all day long. Drax wishes they would play with him. 
  I liked the book because in the end, the other dragons wanted to be friends with him when they saw Drax roar. It was a roar of a rainbow fire and is was extremely bright, booming loud and blazing hot.
  My favourite part of the book was when the other dragons wanted to be friends with him and when they realised that all dragons are the same although their appearances and looks might not look the same. 
  If I could change something about the book, I would change the part when Drax and his friends made friends with a dragon that peeped out from behind the three where Drax used to hide. I would only make some of them realised that all dragons are the same to see what will happen. Will they still want to be friends with them or not. 
  I would recommend this book to people who judges easily. To people who don't realised that everyone is the same. To people who don't realised everyone is special in their own ways too.

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