Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An Experience at a Food Court/Hawker Centre (Draft 2)

  Some people may think that hawker centres are way better than restaurants as they have the advantage of selling variety types of food but is it as good as what we think? I like going to hawker centre because they sell variety types of food but I do not in the same time because of how dirty it is and due to that, I would not have any appetite to eat any more.
  If we compare the level of hygiene of restaurants and hawker centre, restaurants will definitely be much more cleaner as they have other workers to clean them at that point. Whereas for hawker centres, they do not have enough workers to clean at that point of time therefore the hygiene is very low.
  But there are many advantages of hawker centres and the reason why many tourist and Singaporeans choose hawker centre rather than restaurants.
  Firstly, they are way cheaper than restaurants and depending on which hawker centre you go, the food they are selling are way more nicer and delicious than the ones at restaurants. Secondly, they sell variety types of food so if you are craving for Western and Malay cuisine, hawker centre will be the right place. And lastly, hawker centres create a more bond with our family or with the person we are with as; when we are at hawker centre, we are allow to talk as loud as we want and laugh loudly and jokes. But when we are at restaurants, we have to mind our volume and talk softly.
((not really an experience))

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