Monday, 17 March 2014

Reflection of English lesson

  I find English lesson very interesting and there's not much differences compared to my primary school English lessons except for the methods and learnings. What I meant was we still need to raise our hands when we want to answer questions and so on. I know that that is like the basic thing we should do but I don't like raising my hand to answer. Shouting the answer out is not a habit of mine, but a thing I prefer to do compared to raising up my hands. 
  I think I'm doing pretty good for English but I know I still need a lot of help in my grammar and understanding. I find English lesson boring sometimes. Teachers need to give us at least a toilet break to wash up our faces if we are sleepy or at least allow us to drink water. In my primary school, there is a sink at a corner of the class so it's really easy to wash our faces if we are sleepy.
  I think my English teachers need to give lesser homework because we usually reach home around 8pm or even later on CCA days because of CCA. 

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