Sunday, 20 April 2014

Movie Review

  The last movie I watched was Frozen so lets talk about it. I think Frozen is a good example kind of movie because there were two young girls who are actually sisters, called Anna and Elsa. They were playmates and friends. Elsa has a special power that can turn anything to ice and snow in a flash from her fingertips. She accidentally zaps her sister and their family went to a magical troll king. Anna's memory was erased and the sisters' relationship were not okay.
  Elsa's parents locked her away and close down the castle,which devastates Anna. But once they reach adolescence and it's Elsa's turn to take over the throne at the age of 18, there were an awkward reunion. Anna was a little nervous but overjoyed to see her sister. The reserved and reluctant Elsa remains distant , and with gloved hands hoped not to freeze anything and reveal her true self on coronation day. But she inadvertently plunges the sunny kingdom into winter. 
  Anna retrieve her sister and restore order to the kingdom. Along the way, she got help from an underemployed ice salesman named Kristoff and his trusty reindeer sidekick, Sven. They meet up with a singing snowman named Olaf who was made by Anna. When Elsa went into a kingdom that was made from ice that was built by Anna, she zapped her heart and her heart would freeze anytime. 
  Kristoff and Sven went to meet their ''family'', called the magical troll king. They said that only true love could cured her and therefore, they went back to the kingdom. Kristoff and Sven went to send Elsa to the kingdom and went home. She went to meet the prince that she thought that was her true love. It ended up being that he was an evil prince and he wasn't her true love. Sven and Kristoff went back to the kingdom. Anna went back to the kingdom too. And by the time they saw Elsa, she was already frozen. Anna hugged her and said sorry. Seconds later, she defrozed and Anna was her true love.
  From this story, I learned that true love not only comes from relationship but family. And Olaf, who wanted to meet summer, finally met and something I will remember that Olaf said is, ''Some people are worth melting for.'' 

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