Friday, 18 April 2014

Experienced Where I Encountered Struggles and Success (Draft 3)

   Have you ever encountered struggles and success in your life? I have. Like the time my bestfriend and I fought and I made forceful effort like explaining things, writing a long message to each other and buying something to make us happy to get our friendship back and I was successful to get our friendship back to normal. I was as busy as a bee. But lets talk about my struggles and success in studies instead.
   Am I the only one that has struggles when it comes to studies? Am I the only one who hates it when struggles comes when I'm learning? I've even been struggling in primary school for the past 7 years. 
    I've been from the smartest class, to the lowest class, to the second lowest class, to the second lowest class, to the middle class, to the third lowest class, and back to the middle class. It feels like I'm riding a rollercoaster. I am not as smart as a fox.
    I never like getting U grades although I have only got it once in primary 5 for Mathematics. The feeling of getting U grades are as different as chalk from cheese than the feeling of getting B grades. But the struggles was worth of time because I graduated in primary school with an "ok" aggregate that is high for NA stream but low for express. It was totally worth it, but if only I did extra well for my Mathematics, I would already get 200+ for my aggregate for PSLE, which can bring me to a better school that has 200+ as an aggregate for express stream.
   But the struggles still continues... and will always, because that's life. 

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