Friday, 18 April 2014

The Story of an iPhone __ (Draft 3)

    I'm a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc, the fifth generation of the iPhone, announced on October 4 2011and has a digital compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, back and front camera and a single loudspeaker. 
    It wasn't a normal evening for me as I was manufactured and released to the world that day. I was really excited to see the world. I was made at the United States of America, Los Angeles and migrated to Australia, Melbourne. 
    On a fine afternoon when I was doing my daily routine; staying in the box, I was carried to the counter. My heart was beating like a drum. My box was opened. I was bought by a rich family.
    After paying and signing all of the documents, we went home in a red car. I was so excited that I broke into a sweat. 
    My owner was a girl. A pretty, kind-hearted and truthful girl. She has a heart of gold. She didn't like studying. She q
would rather spend time with her friends and me than studying. My life was perfectly normal until 9 months later...
    I almost died when she was jogging. I slipped out of her pocket and dropped on the ground like grapes that had fallen from the sky. I burst into tears like her. My back was cracked. I wasn't as pretty as her anymore. But luckily she was smart enough to colour my back so that I would look pretty as usual. I felt that I was the prettiest phone in the world. 
    After that incident, I was covered with a casing. A transparent, turquoise-green on the side case. My life went smoothly from then on.
    A year had passed. I was a year and a week old. It was suppose to be the happiest day of my life but something went wrong... It turned into the worst day of my life. 
    I was not being used anymore as she could buy a new phone as stated in the contract. I thought she wasn't going to buy but she did.. She bought an iPhone 5c. I was jealous, so jealous that I felt useless.
    Till now, I'm not used like how I was in the past. I was kept on her table for merely decoration.
    I'm an white iPhone 4s and that is 
my story. 

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